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Becoming disoriented and unable to communicate can put special needs family members and caretakers in highly vulnerable situations. When those with special needs are lost and cannot advocate for themselves, the If I Need Help system and safety products can assist, protect, and reunite loved ones bringing peace of mind and independence.

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  • Free International Network
  • Emergency Q&A & Profile; email or hand to Responders
  • Public Profile and our Neighbor Alert
  • Info can be updated in real time
  • View Profile by scanning or enter manually on website
  • Identification as a person who needs help
  • A way to communicate for those who cannot
  • Variety of iD available for people with different needs

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If I Need Help safety products align with a system designed to provide peace of mind and independence for families with special needs loved ones.


From Our Customers

SO grateful for products like this! gives me some extra peace when having my daughter with me! :) Thank you!


If I Need Help is a wonderful non-profit organization focusing on individuals who are not able to communicate in the typical way. It is a great way to keep challenged kids and adults safe.


I love this ❤️ Caregiving is life . Thank you


I have ordered their shoe tags, ID cards, safety tattoos and now safety ID stickers. It gives me peace of mind knowing my non verbal son has Identification.


This is a great bracelet for my granddaughter who is non verbal. I hope it will never be used but it is there just in case.


What a wonderful service you provide. I sincerely appreciate your great communication and quick delivery.


These are absolutely amazing and no one should be without. I highly recommend. The peace of mind you get is priceless!


I've ordered two signs and I'm so happy with them! I feel more at ease knowing if their is some emergency, neighbors, medical services, fire, police will be aware that we have a special needs child in our home!