Under The Sea T-shirt


100% Polyester 
Moisture management with odor control properties
Color of design may differ with color of shirt. Please allow 2-3 weeks for creating your unique shirt, shipment, and delivery



Product Information

About The Artist

Through whatever lens you view the world it is safe to conclude that it delivers to your eyes a different perspective of life and its surroundings than that of the young, emerging artist, Michael “Mickey” Zweroff. Mickey’s artistic talent, deeply buried and dormant, until touched and nourished by his teacher, coach and friend, Robyn Russillo, reveals an insight to detail and an interpretation of environments, both real and imagined, left unstated until Mickey’s pens, pencils and brushes expressed them for him. Born in 1990, Mickey has been engaged in a life-long battle with autism that has often left him unable to fully communicate all that he sees and feels. Without a proper outlet, all that is pent up within Mickey may erupt in bursts of frustration and emotion. Through his newly developing skills Mickey is harnessing a voice through which those who may have shaken their heads and walked away can now become part of Mickey’s universe. We stand on the ground floor. Art enthusiasts are well familiar with the graphic depiction of Vincent Van Gogh’s mental devolution made possible by his extraordinary skills. Today we are privileged to observe such a phenomenon in reverse. Get to know Mickey Zweroff’s work in its infancy, and pay attention in the years to come as it soars to new heights by following him on Robyn Russillo’s face book. This is your chance to say “I knew him when.”