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The Fire Truck Who Got Lost


The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is a wonderful story for children who will meet little Barnabus and the older fire trucks who care for him - Wheelie Dan, Agua, Hogwash, Turpentine and, of course, the Big Dalmatian. 

Little Barnabus gets lost in the big city and has to find his way back to the fire station. It's a story about getting lost somewhere big and imposing and finding a solution by being smart. 

What started as a simple story about the importance of family and perseverance has come to life through Amber De Joya's beautiful artwork. Your children will love the story and grow to love Barnabus.


About The Artist

Colin Eldred-Cohen graduated from the San Diego School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), where he discovered his talents for performing, singing and Irish dance. He played acting roles in plays such as West Side Story and Les Miserables, singing roles in The Magic Flute and The Elixir of Love, produced web-based projects like “Ronin’s Rants” and “Reel Snippets,” and was in the All-City Honor Choir in San Diego.

He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in film.

He lives in San Jose where he is writing regularly for and working on a comic book series and his first novel (that he hopes will be a best-seller, made into an Oscar-winning movie and a line of happy meal toys). He has worn many different hats -- filmmaker, special educator, KJCC radio DJ, activist, game master, and many more still to come.

Colin is on the Autism spectrum, and has channeled his creative and active mind to become a talented writer and story teller. The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is his first children’s book.