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Come to Life!


Our new book, Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery by Emily Iland and Tom Iland, is part of the solution! 

Come to Life! has two voices and two audiences: self-advocates and parents/professionals. Tom guides self-advocates through the process of self-discovery so they can be in the driver’s seat to their future. Emily guides the adult allies who are helping a young person with ASD navigate the transition to adult life.

Come to Life is written by Tom a young man with Autism for teens and adults with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and similar needs. This book is for you if you're looking for information and inspiration about your life after high school. Come to Life offers you encouragement and inspiration to help you: Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself. Full-color activities to help you discover truths, including what you like, want and need in life!

Come to life is written by Emily a parent/ professional for parents, caregivers, educators, service providers and other professionals. If you're helping youth in transition to adulthood, or adults who need more guidance, Come to Life is for you! It offers a step-by-step guide to help young adukts be self-aware, build confidence, and understand their needs. There are activities to help them find their voices and give meaningful input to their transition or future plans. 


About The Artist

Tom Iland was diagnosed with autism at 13, and has worked hard to achieve many of his goals: full-time employment, driving, living in his own apartment, running a marathon and having a girlfriend.

He has presented numerous workshops and trainings for: The Autism Society of Los Angeles, The Council of Exceptional Children, Future Horizons, The HELP Group, Autism Conferences of America, and Loyola-Marymount University just to name a few. He is also on the Board of Directors for a number of not-for-profit organizations including Autism Speaks, The Art of Autism, and Junior Chamber International. His public speaking skills have made him one of only about 4,000 Distinguished Toastmasters in the world!