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The Waiting Song

Nigel is a hedgehog. He's four years old, likes trains, cookies, and is a lot like other kids in class. Nigel is a little different too. Nigel is autistic. He doesn’t talk or say many words. Nigel is not very good at taking turns, or being polite and he really does not like to wait. Nigel thought and thought and came up with the Waiting Song… Now he is able to be polite and wait when he sings his Waiting Song! 



About The Artist

Natasha Barber, mother of a child on the autism spectrum, is the founder and manager of "Autism Moms Know Safety". She has appeared in numerous parenting blogs such as "Mobile Mommies" and "Paradigm Behavior" and she also has had multiple safety articles featured in "Autism Parenting Magazine". She is a recognized author of the Tommy's Lessons Children's book series. Books in the series include "My Tomato, Guacamole and Onion Sandwich", "My Magic Pet Fish" and "My Super Cool Ant Farm"