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Safety and Consent


The developmental challenges of children with special needs means they are often more at risk of physical or emotional exploitation. This book provides invaluable tools to help parents, carers and teachers protect vulnerable children. Difficult topics are sensitively and straightforwardly addressed through step-by-step guidelines for parents and learning activities for children.

Guidance to carers includes information on how to identify warning signs of abuse, and recognise tell-tale behaviour changes in their child. Intervention activities help children learn which adults to trust and how to stay safe, while reducing the fear, shame or stigma surrounding abuse. Aimed at ages 5-12, these learning devices have been specifically designed to meet a range of comprehension and developmental abilities, with instructions for parents to adapt them to meet the specific needs of their child.

This important guidebook empowers adults to fulfil their responsibility to protect and support children, and to provide a safe environment in which every child can reach their highest potential free from coercion or abuse.


About The Artist

Born in New York, Debra has always had a passion for traveling and writing. She became an occupational therapist as a way to help others and express her creativity. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in OT and went on to earn a master's in behavioral health counseling and an advanced certification in autism.

When she is not working with children in public schools or writing, Debra enjoys yoga, crafts, walking her dog and participation in a variety of volunteer and social events with friends and family.