2 Soft iD Bracelets

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rounded edges to protect sensitive skin
  • Tough yet supple
  • Custom fit to wearer
  • Designed to prevent wearer's removal. Must be cut off to be removed

This is a must for Dementia and Alzheimer's! It also works for Autism, Down Syndrome and other similar issues but some of our kids are escape artists like Houdini. It locks on but If they are determined to remove it.  It will come off.

Each order includes: 2 bracelets and a glue pack

No Glue required, but expected life is longer with Glue

Line 1: First Name, Contact First Name, Phone Number, & Brief Info
Line 2: Is the website address and unique profile number for a finder to enter to see the users profile.

Example: Amanda Wilson 661-524-6732 Autism/ Epilepsy

Life expectance of bracelet is about 5-6 months.

45 Characters Limitation


Product Information